Question about the texture node editor in 2.9

I’ve used the texture editor in previous versions of blender, but it’s been a while, so I’m not sure if I’ve forgotten what I’m doing, or if the texture node editor is disabled. I’m finding that in the texture node editor that I can’t add any nodes using shift s, all nodes are grayed out.

I have a texture in the scene, both a normal texture, and one of those wierd textures only available in the properties panel.

Can anyone else add nodes in the node texture editor in 2.9?

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Have you disabled “Use Node” in shader editor? Shift+S is one “Node Wrangler” shortcut to replace selected node. To “add” in default Blender keyboard you should use “Shift+A”. On today Apr 26 Blender 2.90 shader editor is working as past dailybuild for me on my Linux workstation

Hi NiCapp, I’m talking about the texture node editor rather than the shader editor. Shader editor is functioning correctly.

this editor:

I’m pretty sure it’s user error.

Yeah, you are right, sorry for my misreading, but texture node editor is/still working for brush not for world

I had to go into brush rather than world, then I get the option to use nodes, but any modification I make to the texture in the texture node editor doesnt take any effect either in the texture properties preview, or on the result of the displace modifier that’s using this texture.

Anyone got any insights?

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yep, I seem to already be doing what the manual is suggesting, but i’m not getting anything show in the preview and nothing happens to the displaced mesh when I tweak the settings in the texture node editor.

It must be user error, but I can’t quite see what I’m doing wrong.

You’re doing nothing wrong: the Texture Node Editor is a legacy part of Blender from already quite some time. It doesn’t interact with the shader editor neither with other parts like modifiers (exactly, the textures that you create in the editor DON’T affect the displace modifier, for that you have to use the ones in the properties panel). There are plans of replacing it from already a couple of years (, and it was one of the suggested projects for the Google Summer of Code (, but still nothing has moved. I can see that there’s been more interest lately in revamping it, hopefully the developers will dedicate time to it soon.

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Thing is though, I’m using the node editor to edit the texture panel texture rather than a new one. I’m pretty sure I’ve done this in previous versions successfully.


This is reported as a bug here.

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ah ok, thanks. I’ll wait for a fix before using it.

You did this in 2.79 when Blender Internal was available.

When Blender Internal was abandoned, modifiers, freestyle line styles, particles, brushes were not ready to handle Cycles/EEVEE procedural textures.
So, code about Blender Internal procedural textures was kept and Texture nodes to blend them, too.

Texture nodes for World are disabled because World can use textures from shader nodes.
So, you can use texture nodes for Line Styles and Brushes.
But because Blender Internal was removed, Preview is not working.
You have to launch a Freestyle render or to do a brush stroke to see the result of nodetree.