Question about 4.0 and live simulation/timeline-play stressing/locking-up the UI

Seeing as we’re heading for that fun 4.0, i wanted to ask the Devs regarding how the simulation (especially the heavy computational ones) locks up the UI or makes it severely unresponsive when it is run live (so not baked).

So the technical question for the Devs is, have the Devs been thinking about making the UI be responsive during such operations so that we can just cancel the simulation/timeline play-stop ?
(can the UI be disconnected form the simulation in a way so that it stays responsive regardless of how much things are running in the background)

In detail.
When you run a light simulation live(as in timeline play) accidentally or deliberately there isn’t really that much of noticeable issues, however as soon as you have something on the more heavy side the issue starts to show up.
The UI becomes very unresponsive while it’s crunching the data in the background depending on the complexity on the sim, you’re unable to do anything when it’s doing that, the problem also arises when you want to cancel the simulation.
More often than not holding the ESC button to cancel/stop the simulation/timeline works but not always but only after holding the esc button for a whole minute or maybe several (it very random at times).
At that point its just faster to just crash the software and boot it up again but this also risks the loss of unsaved data etc.

From what i remember i’m aware that such change might or will require a rewrite or structural change how the UI is handled during other operations.