Q: Adding buttons to a Editor header on specified location?


I want to write an addon that will add some buttons to the header of certain Editors.
For what I have found, it only seems to be possible to add buttons at the start of the header, before the menu’s, or at the end after the other button options.

For a lot of headers there’s a lot of ‘empty space’ in between the menu and buttons to the right.
It would be nice to being able to add button after the menu options, but it seems this can only be done inside the blender code itself.

Am I missing something here, or is this correct?



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bump… Nobody knows?

It’s not possible to do this. Unless you replace the entire draw function for the header, but that will cause problems when there are Blender side changes to the code.

I see… Thanks for the answer, appreciate it.
Too bad it isn’t possible in some way though, without rewriting the header code.

Hi guys.

Have you ever tried this add-on (Blender Shelves) ?

Interesting, but can it add buttons to any header?
Will have a look at it for sure.


It doesn’t seem to allow that, unfortunately.
I wish it would.