Python errors in Info Editor

I noticed a number of Blender development tasks with users requesting to see Python errors in the Info Editor. In my own testing in v2.91.0 (a simple script raising an Error) I can see a report going to the Info Editor stating “Python script failed, check the message in the system console”. I can see an unlanded task from Google Summer of Code to add Python improvements to the info editor, suggesting the work hasn’t been done yet and Python errors go to stderr.

However, the screenshot in task shows errors in the Info Editor with a code fix. When I dig through the source code, I can see ReportList* being passed around throughout the entire Python subsystem - also appearing as though errors should go to the info editor.

Can anyone explain the discrepancy? Why would some Python errors show up in the Info Editor while others only go to stderr?

All my errors are going to my info window.
init and execute.
Not that I’ll start using it now; It’ll still be cluttered with all the ran operation AND it would be more tedious to set markers/notes/logs.