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Python API page for bpy.types almost half a million pixels long

Since the release of Blender 3.4, the bpy.types page in the Python API docs is as long as the Chinese wall :slightly_smiling_face: It’s extensive, I have to say, listing all the properties and methods of each type – but a page of this length is almost unusable, I think. The only thing you can do, is jump to the search function of your browser and look for something you already know. Which is not the purpose of documentation, I guess.

Same goes for bpy.ops, although not that long.

Don’t know if it was a deliberate decision to create the pages this way, or some flag mistake during generation – but perhaps our beloved Blender webmasters could have a look at it?


Would be good to structure it into a few subpages maybe? What do you think @ideasman42 @Blendify

Thanks for letting us know. Fix committed.

This looks to be a change in Sphinx and I didn’t see any recent changes on our side that would have caused it.


Thanks for the fix Campbell!