Proposed New Texture Image Node with thumbnail

this would be helpful to see a thumbnail of the texture

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Idk if is it a good idea, cause he cost more perfs and it’s fully useles… you know what you imput in your node most of the time… Already can use an add-on for that …

And i just want add, if in compositing we have this img preview is cause, blender don"t support for now the llive compositor result, it’s a WIP in branch “VIEWPORT-COMPOSIOR” , soon you can visualise the live render in the viewport, you don’t need to “Wait, and see the result” in the compositor render. But directly in viewport !


i mean i’m half agree with you that we knw wht(image) we put there but when it comes to big nodes groups and multiple image masks it literally comes very helpful and timer saver, and usually image naming xyz(diffuse, roughness, normal etc) are the major reason why i want it to be there and if we want it to not affect any performance we can turn it off by default and implement a view thumbnail tick mark. so it be there for people who want it(like me).

Other than this it also has reload button so any chnage in image directly update in blender. adn it also show texture/image on uv layout and it will be more visually helping for beginners.

i dnt see any negative impact of this implementation.

With this vision yes it’s a good idea… But not necessary for immediate increment… But i think this idea can be real with a little script in python :slight_smile:

But it’s true it’s a good idea for most expansive node ! But not for a little nodal system, but let’s check it with python i think for blender foundation this not a priority and if he make this one day it’s gonna be in 1 or 2 years … EEVEE REWRITE And optimisation core is a priority for him.

tbh i knw nothing about coding , thats why i came here maybe someone like the idea and implement it in his free time plus i dnt think so it take too much time and coding(from my knowledge of coding).

I’ve bunch of basics list from rightclickselect that are very small and minor change tht xcan save bunch of time and can be easily implemented. i share a link for the list(texture paint improvement)

Remember one thing, for everybody, Perfs, Core, timing, Render and visibility is the MOST IMPORTANT THING EVERYBODY WANT !

Like me i want blender support MESHLET (Mesh shader nvidia) with Vulkan :smiley:
i’m still waiting too to merge to vulkan :smile:

my topic on RightClick too : Right-Click Select — Blender Community

I think the material node many nodes should have enough space to accommodate a small window to display thumbnails, for fear of performance degradation can be closed

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