Proposals for Development - Drivers // 01

Hello Blender Dev. Team!
Thank you for all effort to complete the 2.80ty release.

I have been exploring the current version for a while and I did some of the topics for discussion about the current UI, the status with the IA density and what could be improved from my perspective in future.

However, after using blender to my daily work, I came to several new ideas, which I think could be beneficial for all users focused on - Real-time Rendering, Professional Presentations, Dynamic Behaviors and Animation.

IMPROVING THE DRIVERs data availability for Blender 2.8ty will be a jump!
— Make Driver’s Data, available to any TEXT objects/ possibilities to control and animate the Text content
— Make Driver’s Data, available for MatCap Menu and all Properties

Best Regards to the Team

Is this something you want plan to work on and need feedback on? (then you’re in the right place) or just something you like to have? (in that case rightclickselect is the appropriate place for feature requests. )

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I would like to do it, but I have no skills for coding on that level at that moment.
Prefer the 2nd One, THANK you LazyDodo.