Proposal: Viewport Navigation option on splash (Implementation available)

Now that Blender is Left click select, can users from other softwares start using blender on the fly? Not quite. They still have to google how to navigate through the viewport. I would like to propose adding an option for Viewport Navigation on the splash screen.

Does it help new users?

Definitely. Viewport navigation is rooted deeply in our muscle memory. It is not easy to get used to a new one.

Does it help current users?

Maybe, for some users.
If one of the options is like “For 2D” or like “For Tablets” it would be handy for users to start grease pencil operations. This will surely benefit grease pencil users.

Does it disturb current users?

Definitely NO.
The default could and should be kept the same as the current way.

Is it difficult to implement this?

No. The code (or at least a mockup) is already implemented. All we have to do is be wise in choosing the keys.
AFAIK, very few shortcuts for navigation is used for other operations.

Why not just use the key map presets?

Because they change a lot.
It makes it almost impossible to follow tutorials.
I often see newcomers switch back to the default key map after watching online videos.
Moreover, it is difficult to maintain.

Will it make tutorials complex?

Yes, if the tutorial explains how to pan everytime the user has to pan. In other words, NO.
Anyone who knows how change the Viewport Navigation would have the ability to think “I could skip/igonre this part because I know how I should do it.”

Then, how should the variations be like?

I guess

  • Default (It needs a call a different name)
  • Maya, Max Modo, etc…
  • For 2D.

In addition,

  • Other ones like Unity and Zbrush (the Zbrush option might be useful for sculpting)
  • VR

could be helpful.

diff_viewport_navigation.xml (71.1 KB)
I wrote a working mockup for this proposal. It is xml by extension but it is actually a diff.txt.
Changes only involve python so you might not even need to recompile (just replace .py s in the release)
The mockup contains, Default, Draw 2D, Maya and Max. I only changed the orbit, pan and zoom so it would be helpful if you could improve it.