Proposal to use color coding for triaging bugs

Hi, I was thinking if we could somehow simplify the moderator team’s effort on
So the idea is to use color coding for different states. To simplify and as a A/B testing approach, one could implement just the 2 of them for now:

No color (Default):
When no moderator has picked it up.

Light Green:
When a moderator is actively involved in triaging.

When a moderator needs help from other moderators.

I understand, there could be lot more cases but for a start, this could solve the problem.


  • Many moderators coagulating on one task.
  • Saving time from opening and closing tasks already taken care of by other moderators.

How this will help:

  • From a quick scan (color coding), one can look at which are the un-attended bugs.
  • Especially helpful, when knowing which tasks need an opinion of other moderators.
  • Basically, redistributing efforts.

Alternatives Present:
Using Advanced Search Query…but it doesn’t solve all the problems.
Hoping for feedback @dfelinto @lichtwerk

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At some point, color coding in phabricator related to task status (“Needs Triage”, “Confirmed”, …) not task priority (“High”, “Normal”, …) as it is now, and from the perspective of the triaging team this had more value indeed. However, for the developers, one could argue the exact opposite, so I dont have a strong opinion here (since I use queries most of the time now).

The second thing this proposal implies is adding (2) more status: “Triaging in progress” (or similar) and “Needs Information from other Triagers”. I am not sure if this adds a lot of value and it also comes with the risk of forgetting to set the status right when this is not needed anymore.

I will think about this more, but for now I can only suggest to claim reports when triaging is in progress (even if you dont intend to actually fix the bug) to save others from also looking into the report. If more help (from other triagers) is need triaging a report, the current way would be to drop by and ask there.