Proper tutorials for Blender 2.80

Hi, do the new users for Blender 2.80 have to wait until the official release of the blender 2.80 to see proper learning material to help jump start blender and also to other users who shift from other modelling/sculpting softwares, or is there a proper source with adequate learning material specifically for 2.80 ?

I think part of the problem is that 2.8 is still changing. Some tutorials made early on are hard to follow because of interface changes and moving things around - Look at how much the user preferences has changed for example. I would rather wait till there is a stable release, at least then you tutorial might have a decent shelf life.


If you ask for updating the manual , that will certainly happen

Should you wait ? Absolutely not. Blender just achieved the funding of hiring 6 full time and 4 part time devs , which in turn means 2.8 will be released a lot sooner than expected most likely and also boost future releases features wise and stability wise to the extend that I predict there will be a massive shift in the next few months from 2.79 to 2.8. This of course will be accompanied with bombardment of new tutorials because the interest will be far higher from the community. Thats third party tutorials which make almost the vast majority of Blender tutorials anyway.

People that are afraid to jump in because of the fear of outdated tutorials there in for a nasty suprise. Assuming that Blender maintains its funding goal and most likely will exceed them now that Adobe acquired Substance Painter, means that you will have to waive goodbye to the goold old time when a tutorial stayed relevant for years simply because the development of Blender will be vastly accelerated. So there is no way escaping and sticking with 2.79 will probably make things worse than better.

On the user front since this is the focus of your question , other than an updated manual , tutorials on Blender cloud, uploaded videos on Youtube which are not tutorials but mostly explain new features, I would say so there is nothing additionally planned AFAIK.


I agree. Also in reality 2.8 is a learning curve for all of us, one way or another. Ever since I started using Blender back in 2010 I have become use to outdated tutorials and and the eternal learning curve.

Blender has always been on the improvement curve which means there as always been a learning curve involved. The good thing thought, even for a new user, is that while a tutorial may be outdated it still gives you a starting point and gets you going in the right direction, at least that is what I have found.

Actually if we are adverse to an eternal learning curve then we are in for bad news… All software changes all the time, and there is always something old to drop and something new to adopt.

On the bright side - Blender is actually easier to pick up and learn now.


There’s been an explosion in the amount of 2.80 tutorial content recently (a lot of people started treating it seriously when Beta was declared). Some are commercial offerings, but if you search you should find plenty out there to keep you busy.

Most tutorial content comes from 3rd parties rather than from “official” sources.

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