Process bar

Hi, I am new here.

I Just want to make a small suggestion regarding the UI. It would be nice to have a progress bar during some operations. Like now I am splitting a model by loose parts, it’s an imported obj file with many parts, I have no clue if blender is hanging or working. I run into similar situations when applaying modifiers to complicated models and when using various tools in edit mode such as un-subdividing.


yes, a general purpose progress bar with a cancel button would be greatly appreciated


But blender already has a progress bar at the bottom.

Yes but works only for a few things.
This would be nice also for saves and autosaves

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Some operations still use that weird cursor counter progress indicator, which is the same one that’s available to python via window_manager.progress_begin, window_manager.progress_update, and window_manager.progress_end

I don’t know if there’s a technical reason why this can’t be changed to update the status bar instead.

Some operations may be hard to report progress on, but some sort of moving indicator that things are still in progress would be handy.

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