Problems with the edits to the manual pages on Extrude

I’m new here, so please pardon my lack of experience. I’m only allowed two links, so I’ve made footnotes for additional references.

I submitted an issue about the manual pages on Extrude (moved by Iliya Katueshenock from post incorrectly posted at “blender/blender”). The outcome of that appears to be a set of seven edits to the manual. Unfortunately, these changes appear to still be incorrect.

For example:

  • in the first edit listed, for “Extrude Edges” [1], the menu selections “Edge ‣ Extrude Edges” and “Mesh ‣ Extrude ‣ Extrude Edges” appear with only a space between them. In the second edit, for “Extrude Faces” [2], the two selections have a comma between them. Presumably those two forms of syntax cannot both be correct. In the manual, these locations should appear in separate button-like text boxes. Will the comma do that? If so, there should be a comma in the first one. If not, they both need to be corrected.
  • Several of the edits indicate a keyboard shortcut of “E”. This disagrees with what is indicated in the actual menus in Blender 4.01, which show a shortcut of “E” only for “Extrude Faces”. Unless the actual menus are wrong, the “E” should be removed from those other manual pages.

I would like to make those corrections myself so I can get involved in editing the manual. For that purpose, I’d like to ask the following questions:

  • The manual page on editing the manual [3] seems to say that I have to maintain a local copy of the manual on my computer. Is that right, or can I work from online rst files?
  • What is the correct syntax when there is more than one menu location? The section of the manual mark-up guide for “Interface Elements” [4] gives the syntax for a menu selection, but not for more than one. Where is the syntax for that documented, or does it just require listing two separate lines of “:menuselection:”?
  • Is there a way to know when edits submitted and accepted will appear in the manual online?

Thank you. I look forward to participating in this endeavor.


[1] first edit listed, for “Extrude Edges”:
projects.blender dot org/blender/blender-manual/src/commit/f5896c878bcc82bb532e2439a990bfc549b45797/manual/modeling/meshes/editing/edge/extrude_edges.rst), the two menu locations

[2] second edit, for “Extrude Faces”:
projects.blender dot org/blender/blender-manual/src/commit/f5896c878bcc82bb532e2439a990bfc549b45797/manual/modeling/meshes/editing/face/extrude_faces.rst

[3] manual page on editing the manual:
docs.blender dot org/manual/en/latest/contribute/editing.html

[4] section of the manual mark-up guide for “Interface Elements”:
docs.blender dot org/manual/en/latest/contribute/guides/markup_guide.html#interface-elements

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Hi, we would love for your contributions. Online editing is indeed possible, I thought I updated the documentation to mention this but it seems that is not the case.

What is the correct syntax when there is more than one menu location

Listing two separate lines of “:menuselection:”? is an adequate solution and is what I did in my set of changes.

  • Is there a way to know when edits submitted and accepted will appear in the manual online?

The manual is compiled every night so changes should appear at the dev version (which is the same as going to the 4.1 manual) within 24 hours.

I am the project manager for the User Manual so I would like to help in any way that I can.
If you would like to reach out to me directly you can find me on

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It’s actually continuously updated nowadays. Only the translations are done nightly.