Problem in Quad view

Maya quad view

Blender 2.8 quad view

In Maya when i switch to quad view you can see the main perspective viewport layer stay shaded and all other three orthographic views goes wire blender 2.8 there is no option to change perspective viewport to solid shade in quad view all views turn solid or wire frame.sometimes you need perspective viewport in shaded and orthographic viewports in wire frame mode for modeling.even view port renderer renders all views.spliting the viewport to 4 different viewports is useless without lock viewport feature.

:Option to switch sold shade for perspective viewport in Quad view or Lock viewport feature to prevent viewport rotation.

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I don’t use that specific feature, but if you “split view” you can definitely change it to whatever you want and it takes about 5 seconds to make 4 views.

i know but we need lock viewport feature to prevent middle mouse viewport rotation.