Problem in importing pcl in blender

  • Guys, may be some one can help me with this, I have installed a 3rd party library PCL on Blender than was working correctly then something unclear created this issue:

from ._pcl import *
ImportError: dlopen(/Applications/blender-2.79a/, 2): Library not loaded: /usr/local/opt/pcl/lib/libpcl_keypoints.1.9.dylib
Referenced from: /Applications/blender-2.79a/
Reason: image not found

  • I tried to check on this dynamic library: /usr/local/opt/pcl/lib/libpcl_keypoints.1.9.dylib , and it does not exist . I found other versions of the dynamic library libpcl_keypoints.1.6 and libpcl_keypoints.1.11 , but the 1.9 is not there, and not able to install it. So i feel so bloecked

so i dunno what to do, specially that when I install the pcl library in blender there is only one way to install it and seems one verrsion from python-pcl library

Guessing by the location /usr/local/opt, was it installed by brew ? Brew could have cleaned it up.
Try reinstalling it.

Thank you so much I will try