Previous versions

Switching Blender version in the middle of a large project is a bad idea, but download page has no “Looking for an older build?” anymore. Have to spend minutes searching.
And “Previous Versions” link doesn’t include 2.80. If it’s a purposeful link to pre 2.8 versions (which is useful, since all of the old projects need 2.79 to be browsed properly and will be required for years), it might be labeled as such.

Not sure if I understand correctly, from these links in the “previous versions” page you can find every release, 2.80 included:

Maybe this section should be put at the top of the download page though. @pablovazquez

Those links are quite important, and they feel a bit hidden at the moment.

Ok, so - as it is, here’s the user experience:

Open the site,
Press download,
Look at what’s on the initial screen - there’s no download of previous version, but there is “win/mac and other version” -
(maybe it is hidden there?) open and read carefully a couple of times.
No luck.
Then there’s a flashy red “Go experimental”. Not really looking for experimental, but it might contain some sort of build choice, which might include everything. Go there. No luck.
Scroll back and forth a couple of times - notice the footer.
Read slowly: “Download Demo Files Requirements Release Notes Previous Versions”…
… oh it is there!
Open “Previous Versions”
The title says " Looking for Blender 2.79?"
…wrong place again.
Go back, search more.

I suppose you get it :slight_smile:

One might say - “if you’d actually read carefully the whole page that is displayed you’d find it.” And that would be correct.
But that’s not how things work, because that implies first of all reading “Fully Featured - Whether you are an animator, modeler, VFX, game developer, 3D Printing, you name it. Blender’s got you covered.”

And a solid page more of different texts, just to get to a download. Which is like browsing in… a command line interface :slight_smile:

IMHO a logical way would be to add “older releases” to “other versions” drop-down.