Prevent Blender from opening file in Material Preview shading mode


If you save and close a Blender file with the shading mode set to Material Preview, once you reopen the file the shading mode is still set this way. In the case of complex scenes with lots of materials and textures, this leads to a freeze of the entire interface for several minutes for computing all the shaders.


Like with Rendered shading, even if you closed the file with Material Preview Blender should switch to Solid shading when you reopen it, leaving to the user the decision to visualize the materials immediately after opening the file.

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Wow, wasn’t expecting to find an addon for this. Thank you for letting me know, but honestly this is a functionality we should have built-in inside Blender without the need of a paid addon.


More than that, If i get a blend file with a model that was made by a user with a machine more powerful than mine, and i open it and it goes to material preview, I can risk a situation in which i am out of VRAM which can lead to results i might not be a fan of (Driver / OS depended).

Consider that the argument i made above is technical and indeed can lead to an unstable system, I think this could even be classified as a bug.

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I agree this would be a welcome change.

I will report this as a bug i think, it meets with the definition as undesired behavior, it can compromise your machine.