Possible to use Github desktop?

I tried to use the github dektop version to spare the installation of the git version mentioned in the wiki to build blender. When i want to add the repo through the github dektop app i get an error ( unable to look up git.blender.org.

I guess its not open to that clone access or i am doing something wrong here.

Is anyone using github dektop for building blender?

I highly recommend following and sticking to the guide, other tools may or may not work, but it is not something we have the resources for to support.

git is also required later on to download and update the sub-modules. We’re not super picky on the actual git version, ‘latest’ should do, so no need to track down a specific version. (as long as it’s a recent one you’d be good to go)

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Okay, thanks for the answer!

No reason using github desktop shouldn’t work You just need to add a remote repo https://git.blender.org/blender.git

But yes you might need to update submodules separate from the command line still. I simply use github desktop to switch and manage projects I have on my machine.

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Yes i use it also because of that but i thought i could spare another program on my pc but thats not a big problem.