Possible to adjust the speed of image sequence / video textures?

Not being able to adjust the speed independently of the scene’s framerate has proven very inconvenient. The hacky method I’ve heard about, messing with the offset, seems to lead to problems in looping animations. Great example, an animation of a level from the Original Doom. The nukage texture only updated 3 times a second, on the original Doom. Not wanting the whole scene to have an FPS of 3 to accommodate that, I was forced to use DaVinci to make a video of it at that speed.

Blender 3.1.2

This is a great request but you may find that posting at RightClickSelect website is better for feature requests. Also the VSE now has better speed adjustment features for pre-rendering at scene frame rate. And IIRC Blender also handles source media variable frame rates now.

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