Portable version on Mac, Linux and/or Windows 32bits? + startup maximim size


I recently heard and verified that the portable version can integrate the shortcuts, userprefs and startup file; which is exactly what I need to facilitate the access of the Anatomy Atlas on which I work (https://www.z-anatomy.com/), allowing to skip the configuration.

Therefore I would like to know if the portable version can run and be automatically linked to these 3 files (userprefs, shortcuts and startup file) as it is on Windows-64bits.

When I save the file of the atlas (191Mb) as the startup file, Blender crashes on opening, but it can open automatically lighter files. Is there something that I can do about it?

It would be great to launch everything in a double-clic.

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Following this topic:

I found that something had been fixed here:
but I still ignore if this method allows to share a ready-to-use configured version; it seems more like the standard method where the startup file, userprefs and shortcuts have to be pasted manually before being ready.

If somebody knows anything about it, I’m interested.

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Application templates were designed for this use case.

Portable installs are for user configuration, so I would not recommend using them for this.

Making modifications to the macOS .app bundle may be problematic regardless though. It is code signed and changes likely cause macOS security to refuse to run Blender. It makes sense since if you change Blender, it can no longer be considered to be code signed and approved by the Blender Foundation. If you’re distributing a customized Blender version for macOS you likely need to code sign it with your own certificate.

Linux packages have no code signing so it should be possible to modify them same as on Windows.

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