Pie Menu, prop value

i make any search, but don’t find a solution. I’m write a pie menu with a Modifier preset (see the picture join). Inside this pie menu i’m use any prop setting, hovewer if i’m change one of this property, the pie menu is close, i can disable this behavior ?

Edit : Work only on Blender 2.79


Since this works in 2.7x, could you report a bug in our tracker?

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Alright, i’m doing that.

Hi, me again, i’m lost my previous phone with all code to open my developer account, i can’t write a bug report or i need to create a new acount. No way to reset my account ?

Hi, the login to this forum should work on d.b.org, too.
Or do you meant commit access?

Cheers, mib

No, i want log my account on developer.blender.com, but i’m setup the multi-factor credentials with my previous smartphone ; i’m lost all codes and i can’t log or reset this setup.
I don’t wan’t make a new account because my mail has used, same thing about my pseudonyme.

Hi @VaillantAurelien, I’m checking with admins what we can do.

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Hi @jesterKing, nothing news ?

@VaillantAurelien, sorry not yet. I looked at the admin interface, nut itmwas unclear to me how to that, so need another admin to have a look. @sergey, can you please have a look to see what needs to be done to get @VaillantAurelien back on developer.blender.org ?


@VaillantAurelien please e-mail sergey AT blender.org from your e-mail address a request to strip the 2FA from your account.