Pie Menu Hotkey Documentation is out of date

Hi, Sorry, I’m new and I hope I’ve not put this in the wrong place.

There appears to be an inconsistency between the Hotkey list, not only in the User manual but also in the actual Hotkey List in Blender Preferences.

For example, Shift S has a Pie Menu that is associated with the 3D Cursor.
This does not appear in the Preferences Pie Menu Add-on List nor is it in the Documentation.
Nor am I able to find a complete list of Pie Menu on line.

I am not sure if non-Bender Foundation Add-ons are allowed to alter or add Pie Menu, it would be nice to know what comes with Blender or if changes have been made. In order to confirm that the Shift S Pie Menu, comes with Blender I reset Blender to defaults. Shift S appears to come with Blender.

If I may, I would like to suggest a default Hotkey change with regards this Pie Menu and another Pie Menu?
Move the default Pie Menu for the 3D cursor (Shift S) to Shift C? I realize this is the Reset 3D Cursor, but why not have the Pie Menu take advantage of the button already associated with the 3D Cursor? The Reset could be turned into Shift CC, keeping the Hotkey available for those who wish to reset the 3D cursor but not interested in manipulating the 3D cursor.
The Ctrl + Alt + X (Origin Pie Menu) button could then be switched to Shift S.

Some pie menus are now built-in so they don’t show up through the addon, they should be documented. In case one is not documented please file a bug report.

Changes to keymap should be discussed in the user interface section: https://devtalk.blender.org/c/user-interface/23