Permanently collapsing the “System” and “Volumes” dropdown menus

Description of error:
Whenever I need to open something (be it a file, texture or anything else that uses the file browser), the “System” and “Volumes” dropdown menus occupy a huge portion of the screen, making it really annoying to work with my Favorites and Recent list, because every time I need to use them I also need to either collapse the menus at the top or scroll down to see the lists I want.

See the menus (in Yellow) here:

All I care about is bellow them, in Blue (which is not properly displayed since the unwanted menus take a huge portion of the screen space).

There’s no way of making these menus go away. I can’t collapse them forever or make them go to the bottom of the list. Every time the file browser opens, they’re there.

I’ve recorded a video where I show the problem as well:

Now imagine I’m working between Blender and Substance Painter. Sometimes I need to make really small changes multiple times per minute (in Substance), export the textures, and reload them in Blender. Having to close the dropdown menus so I can see my “Recent” list gets really annoying really fast. Sometimes I need to open the file browser 2, 3 times per minute, and everytime I need to close the menus or scroll down to see my “Recent” list.

Please add the possibility to save the state of the panel as we want them to be.