PBR Materials Add-On (Integration)

Currently the PBR Materials addon is bringing up errors when selecting. PBR is the new standard and I would greatly appreciate a easy, integrated PBR capability in Blender to be up to date with the times.

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Never mind guess it changed to Principled Shader. Interesting.

What addon are you referring to?


Material: PBR Material

It’s a Add-On. The issue was permissions in Windows 10. Apparently, you must run in Administrator mode to configure Add-On’s in blender. Second off, it’s obviously the Principled BDSF Shader in the nodes shader category in Blender Cycles. However, if you look, Materials Addon 2 is no longer available for download in the Blender store. So it’s great that it’s in Blender but since it is now pretty common, I am thinking it should not be a Add-On but integrated in the rendering. However PBR is not a standard in theoretical reading, it is however a Standard for every game and graphics tool out there I know of.

Yes, I know what PBR means, but what I don´t understand is what addon are you referring to, the Principled Shader is the de-facto shader right now in Cycles, and it is PBR, so why do you need a PBR addon to create PBR materials?

Cheers and thanks for the answer!

Yeah, I didn’t realize that hehe. I figured it out. There is a add-on though, I thought it was how the principled was added. Thanks. My mistake.

:slight_smile: no worries, I was wondering if there was something I have missed! hehehe