Patch failed error building Blender 2.7 with makepkg on Manjaro Linux

I use Manjaro XFCE.
I ran a makepkg -s command from the .gz file of Blender 2.7 (I only have OpenGL 2.1) first I got an error of CMake then I ran sudo pacman -s base-devel , now I have a new Error, here is what I got.

[aryan@aryanpc blender-2.7]$ makepkg -s
==> Making package: blender-2.7 2.79b.r71421.e045fe53f1b-3 (Tuesday 01 June 2021 10:22:40 AM)
==> Checking runtime dependencies…
==> Checking buildtime dependencies…
==> Retrieving sources…
-> Updating blender git repo…
Fetching origin
-> Updating blender-addons.git git repo…
Fetching origin
-> Updating blender-addons-contrib.git git repo…
Fetching origin
-> Updating blender-translations.git git repo…
Fetching origin
-> Updating blender-dev-tools.git git repo…
Fetching origin
-> Found SelectCudaComputeArch.patch
-> Found stl_export_iter.patch
-> Found python3.7.patch
-> Found python3.8.patch
-> Found python3.9.patch
-> Found python3.9_2.patch
-> Found openvdb7.patch
-> Found openvdb8.patch
-> Found cycles.patch
==> Validating source files with sha256sums…
blender … Skipped
blender-addons.git … Skipped
blender-addons-contrib.git … Skipped
blender-translations.git … Skipped
blender-dev-tools.git … Skipped
SelectCudaComputeArch.patch … Passed
stl_export_iter.patch … Passed
python3.7.patch … Passed
python3.8.patch … Passed
python3.9.patch … Passed
python3.9_2.patch … Passed
openvdb7.patch … Passed
openvdb8.patch … Passed
cycles.patch … Passed
==> Extracting sources…
-> Creating working copy of blender git repo…
Reset branch ‘makepkg’
-> Creating working copy of blender-addons.git git repo…
Reset branch ‘makepkg’
-> Creating working copy of blender-addons-contrib.git git repo…
Reset branch ‘makepkg’
-> Creating working copy of blender-translations.git git repo…
Reset branch ‘makepkg’
-> Creating working copy of blender-dev-tools.git git repo…
Reset branch ‘makepkg’
==> Starting prepare()…
Checking patch release/scripts/addons_contrib/object_facemap_auto/…
error: while searching for:

    # foo;bar=baz;bonzo=bingo --> {"bar": baz", "bonzo": bingo}
    mpr.fmap_target_rules = dict(
        item.partition("=")[::2] for item in fmap_rules,

    # XXX, we might want to have some way to extract a 'center' from a face-map

error: patch failed: release/scripts/addons_contrib/object_facemap_auto/
error: release/scripts/addons_contrib/object_facemap_auto/ patch does not apply
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in prepare().

I’d recommend just downloading the binary:

The Blender project does not maintain these packages in Linux distributions, and generally there will not be much support for building versions that are a few years old. So it’s somewhat unlikely you’ll get a good answer to the question here.