Particules material does not appears in particules properties menu

HI, i created a particule material in the shaders editor with two geodesic esphere. I change his respective name with “bubbles” and “foam”, but when i want to apply these materials to my liquid particules, her does not appear in the particules properties menu to select it. HELP :frowning:

Particles material is precised under Render panel of Particles properties tab.

But it is only pertinent when rendered particles are Hair.

Whatever render engine is used (Workbench, EEVEE or Cycles), Halo and Line types are not rendered when pressing F12. That are options from removed Blender Internal render engine.
None of those options were restored to be usable in EEVEE or Cycles.

So most of time, you need to use Object or Collection render type to render particles.
In that case, material used are the ones attached to individual object or objects of collection.