Paper Cut: Deselecting an object makes it the active object

If you deselect a selected object that is not the active object it becomes the active object. This seems to be a problem with the design of the operator (or maybe something that the operator triggers after every invocation; I’m not sure which part of the code handles active objects). Here is an example of configured in the keymap to perform a Deselect operation.

In the below example:

  1. The cube is selected with a click. This makes it active.
  2. The other 3 objects are selected with a box selection (not active).
  3. Then when Ctrl+Click is used on the cylinder to deselect it, it becomes the active object and the cube is no longer the active object.

An object that is not the active object should not become the active object when it is deselected. In the above example the cube should have remained as the active object.

It makes no sense for that object to become the active object. I’m deselecting it. The last thing I would possibly want to happen is for it to become active.


With right click select, work well in 2.90 whit ctrl key + left mouse drag for deselect and/or b key for deselect.

Yeah, it’s drive me crazy too.
Only for ctrl or shift + LMB clicking.

I think for this keymaps need to add option “Keep Active” or something like this.

Thank you but I’m not soliciting workarounds here. This is a problem with click deselection, specifically.

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