Paint plan with normal of curve (FlowMap)

I am looking to create a FlowMap for Farming Simulator 2022 with Blender 3.4.
For this, I use a plane that I want to color according to the coordinates of the normal of the points of a Bézier curve.
I succeeded in coloring my plane according to the distance with the curve but impossible to recover the normal of the curve corresponding to this point.

I thank you in advance,

Florian P

Hi, I’m not sure I totally understand what you’re trying to do. You’re saying “the coordinates of the normal of the points” - so do you need the point coordinates, or the point normals? and in what way should the coordinates map to the colors?

Please show a viewport capture with annotations, right now it’s a bit too abstract for me to figure out.


Now I have this:

I would like the plan to have the color:
Red: the horizontal coordinate of the normal of the point closest to the curve.
Green: the vertical coordinate of the normal of the point closest to the curve
Blue: 0

Each texture point can know about the nearest curve point
Or about the nearest point of the kirvoy, on the normal of which the texture point lies.

  • The first is to simply find the nearest mesh location from the poly curve
  • The second one… not sure, it’s complicated

I use Geometry Proximity to find the nearest point. So I have the distance and the position but I can’t get the coordinates of the normal associated with this point.
Do you know how to get the normal of the curve at a specific point?

Capture curve normal on points
Curve to mesh
Sample nearest → normal that captured before

I’m having some trouble with the last step.
How to match the point with the normal?

I try with Sample nearest.

Thank you very much, it seems to work :slight_smile:

Now, it’s time to bake !

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