Overlay Refactor Papercuts

Given the scope of the overlay refactor, we’re bound to run into a fair number of small and/or redundant bug reports. Rather than flood the tracker, let’s try to collect the papercuts in this thread.

To kick things off, here’s a comparison shot of the object-mode wireframe overlay:

The window on the left is from f1ac64921b49 and the window on the right is from 8b260fec0c7d. Windows 10, 2600X, RTX 2060, current drivers. I’m 50/50 on whether it’s an AA issue or a z-fighting issue, as I’m still waiting for my coffee to kick in.

Is it just me or are wireframes showing up even if they’re not enabled?

Now it appear that you see wireframes in edit mode when you don’t have it enabled. I don’t see bad that because without wireframe edit mode have no sense.

I’m actually in object mode.

The wireframes are appearing randomly on objects, some of them have wireframes, some don’t. Toggling overlays does not remove the wireframes.

In the last beta of 2.82 or in 2.81?

2.82 latest git; after the overlay refactor.

maybe it’s a bug, from the commits we see that Clement is perfecting the overlay system

A similar bug was present in 2.81

Sure looks like it. Well then leaving this here for documentation. Don’t want to spam the tracker, maybe Clement is already aware of this.