Overcomplicated spanish translation

Hi, I showed blender to some of my friends and when I tell them they can use Spanish translation some end up using it and I’ve encountered numerous problems.

First: I was about to complain about various Spanish translations but now I see there’s only one, great!

Second: Some things are overtranslated “Mix RGB” -> “Mezclar RVA” Seriously!? When I tell them to search for the node by typing RGB, that’s translated as well.

Third: This one is a minor but harder to solve issue, but some words are looong and the context menu is almost twice as wide, maybe some things could use a shorter term to accomodate for that or if not possible could we have a fixed width in parts like that and split one line in two. In some places like the settings editor you can’t even read the most important words if the string is too long. It also creates more noise having so much text…

Some examples from the settings:
Imagen de bienvenida -> Imagen de inicio
Tipo de selector de color -> Selector de color
Información de objeto -> Info de objeto
Método de zoom -> Modo de zoom

Others from modeling: These are the longer options, also Shift is called “Mayúsculas” which is way longer and Shift is often more used.

Extruir caras en la dirección de sus normales -> Extruir caras en dirección normal
Nuevo borde/cara a partir de vértices -> Nuevo borde/cara según vertices
Desmarcar como definido a partir de vértices-> Desmarcar como definido según vértices