Outliner > Blender File - What are "screens" and how to delete them?


I have a start up file that I fine tuned to my preferences.

But in the Outliner, under Blender File, I have these “screens”.

I’d like to clean them but I don’t understand what they are and how they appear… They seem to be related to workspaces and appear when I duplicate a Workspace (to customize to my liking).

Can you explain these to me? And how can I get rid of them to have a clean startup file?


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A screen defines the layout of all areas for a given workspace.

When you delete a workspace, it does not instantly delete the corresponding screen. As far as I can tell, a workspace is the only ID that points to a screen. Meaning that deleting the workspace should (after saving and reloading the .blend file) remove the screen due to it not having any users.

If they still exist, something still uses them. You can try opening a Python Console and entering D.screens["Default.001"].user_clear() for example, to ensure that on re-save, there won’t be any users and the screens won’t get saved (this may cause unexpected behavior or crashes!). Note that “Save Startup File” is similar to saving a blend file, meaning that zero-user datablocks get purged as well.

Seems like creating a new workspace doesn’t always name the screen accordingly, so it probably just means that the screen is actually used by one of your workspaces if it isn’t deleted on its own! Try in the Python Console C.window.screen to find out the current screen’s name, it’s probably Default.XXX despite the workspace’s different name.