"OS Error" Failed to open blend file

Hello Dear python developers

I have a user here that have the same error message on most of his addon

it seems that with bpy.data.libraries.load() do not recognize the .blend path argument anymore, even if the path does exist!

I’m very confused on why this user would have such issue, what is the cause of such error message? why can’t blender open the .blend file?

I think the slashes are facing the wrong way. IIRC, Python expects unix-style slashes, / instead of Windows’ \

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The user chose his library path with a dedicated “Path” StringProperty, therefore the path synthax shall be correct, as it’s handled by blender directly

I’ve seen this happening more and more with our addons as well. Not sure why or what’s going on.

Did anyone find an answer to this? I get the same error and I have no idea why.