Option to switch Context Menu "Right Mouse Press" to "Right Mouse Click"

I got used to have the view rotation on RMB, somewhen at 2.6x

And it’s still doable, luckily for me, but for that to work I had to first replace ALL “Right Mouse Press” inputs to “Right Mouse Click” so that “Right Mouse Click Drag” for the view rotation wouldn’t be intercepted by the “Press” event.

It would be nice if there could either added an option to change those, just like there’s an option to simply swap the binds of MMB and Shift MMB, or just change the defaults.


This doesn’t need an option…
All the right click context menus should be changed to click instead of press…
When right click context menus happen on press, it makes the software feel very fragile, like everything is going to fall apart… LOL… It’s just terrible…
I had to change all of that by hand too…

Weird stuff… :upside_down_face:


and I thought i was alone fighting this “press” nonsense :joy:


For example, on macOS, context menu opens when you Press. But it’s a bit smarter.

If you Click the menu will remain open until you click again. But if the menu is opened by Pressing then it works like a Blander’s menu, when you can “press - move the cursor - release” for quick actions. There is also a very small delay after pressing and holding before the menu opens (or here some animation when opening) so it does not cause any discomfort.

Also if you press/hold (the regular menu too) but do not select any item, the menu will close when you release - which the Blender does not do.

Indeed. But it’s open source software. I wouldn’t expect this commercial level of polishing and attention to details.

same here… I need change all RMB press to click for RMB drag view rotate work.