Option to keep old version

Hi. Since Blender was updated to version 3.0 i have several problems. On my linux system, version 2.9x had better performance and didn’t crash when rendering or open file. It should be possible to keep the old version and not update automatically. The continuos crash problems in version 3.0 made the use of the program very tedious (and in my case, it does not outweigh the benefits of increased rendering engine performance).


Blender doesn’t auto-update by itself, and all the previous versions are available on blender.org;
if you are using Steam or Snapcraft it’s also possible to choose which version to install.

If you’re getting Blender from other sources I guess you should reach out to who maintains those packages.

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Thanks! I reinstall the old version and now work nice! the previous version had been auto-updated (but it may be a repository issue, now I downloaded it directly from the page)