OpenImageIO: Update to or latest

Blender current master specifies external library OpenImageIO, version (as of 2021 Feb 4). That OIIO version is about 9 months old, and many versions behind. Please update Blender to use OpenImageIO version, or latest.

This is motivated by a probable bug in CMake coding for external dependency handling in older OIIO versions. This resulted in Blender build failures within the MacPorts ecosystem.

There were significant changes to CMake coding in more recent OIIO versions. Therefore I am hopeful but not completely sure that updating the OIIO version will cure this dependency problem. If not, then updating the OIIO version is at least a step in the right direction.

FWIW, here is the link to the downstream bug report, MacPorts #62065. Thanks for your help.

I think MacPorts can just upgrade to the latest OIIO release?

Various distributions have packages at newer or older versions, and we try to be compatible with them. For example Arch Linux is building Blender against currently. As long as it builds, I wouldn’t expect issue using a newer minor release of OpenImageIO.

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@brecht, thank you. I will give that a try. I am brand new to blender, and not aware of how the version dependency mechanisms work here.