(Old) New developer proposal: Update PolyMender to 1.7

Introducing myself: I’m a software engineer with 30 years in the industry, and a technical artist and game developer. I’m looking to contribute to Blender on some topics near and dear to my teams workflow. I’m starting with seeing if the Remesh and Decimate modifiers can be sped up, specifically multi-threaded.

A comment in Remesh (source/blender/modifiers/intern/MOD_remesh.c:190) lead me to Polymender which was suspected as not being thread safe, and I came to find that Blender is on version 1.6 of the library, which has been updated (in 2011!) to 1.7 which includes a bug fix. So it seems a good starting place to getting into the swing of Blender would be to update that, as a nice, safe starting place. I’ve contacted the author of the library about getting the latest code.

Questions about the development process, I am building and navigating the code but am not clear on submission - do I just submit a changeset on GitHub? Do I need a Blender HQ ‘sponsor’ of some form? Basically I don’t want to make the effort but have the changeset sit on the shelf, how do I get started getting submissions in the code base? Also if anybody has suggestions (code examples, docs, etc) for getting started in Blender multi-thread that would be helpful.

Comments and suggestions welcome -



For contributing code, developer.blender.org is the platform to use. GitHub is only a mirror, we do not handle issues or pull requests there. More details are here:
Process/Contributing Code - Blender Developer Wiki

If there is a relevant bugfix that could be a good contribution. Note that there have been various updates to this dualcon library code in Blender itself, you can check the git history for that. It’s not really possible to just update it to a later version, rather the bugfix could be ported to the Blender implementation if it’s still relevant.