Official Flatpak?

There are a fair amount of immutable Linux distributions emerging lately. Many of the more popular ones rely on Flatpak to easily install software on top of the OS image. Blender already maintains an official Snap image; however, Snap is less popular for various reasons and therefor almost exclusively found on Ubuntu. Fedora Silverblue, for example, does not come with Snap. This is the case for a lot of distributions.

Blender is currently available on Flathub, but I do not know who maintains it, and it is not marked as ‘verified’ on their beta website (a new feature). Looking at the Flathub repository, it just pulls a copy of the Blender tarball from some website that I don’t think is even an official mirror.

For various security reasons, a verified Blender flatpak would be preferable. The Flathub page is unclear on whether it is officially maintained. It is not linked to from the Blender website, so I am assuming whoever maintains it is a random third party.

Has this been brought up before? Are there plans, or reasons an official Flatpak is not provided?

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There is only the following task, created just to have something written down in case a question like this pops up: #102949 - Flatpak package for Linux releases - blender - Blender Projects

There’s no active effort being spent towards this right now I believe.

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I see. That answers all of my questions, thank you.

Small side note after reading that, I think users of Flatpaks are unlikely to be using Blender from other sources. I don’t think there’d be another way of addressing 3rd party installers expecting certain file paths, though.