Offering to do hardware tests

I own a laptop with a Ryzen 5800H and a RTX3060, W10 Pro.
I get nice numbers on, for example the BMW test is done in 12 seconds with release 3.0. I keep seeing the numbers getting better with each Beta release.
Classroom in about 25 seconds. While the card never surpassing 125w consumption per HWiNFO.
Nevertheless if i add the CPU to work with GPU the numbers are slightly worse. It would be nice to also get CPU helping the GPU when time is crucial.
All this preamble to say that i offer to make hardware tests if needed to not only improve this issue but also others issues. Another area i am comfortable due to my work along the years is simulation (fluids, rigid body dynamics, cloth) in 3DsMax, Softimage.

Thanks, but we’re not really in need of more testing, just time for developers to work on this.

Okay. If mods do not mind i will post here the eventual the hardware tests i keep doing.

BMW 27 test
Balanced power plan, laptop in battery: 23 sec maximum GPU power drawn 40W very stable between 39-40w.
Balanced power plan, laptop connected to power source: 12.85 sec GPU 110-125w more variable power drawn.

In all cases the CPU was around 10-12w consumption.