Object Texture Coordinate not working on EEVEE

I was not sure if I should write about this here or if there’s a better place (sorry, it’s my first post here), or maybe these bugs can’t still be reported or are known issues. Anyway, I was digging into complex shaders to see what EEVEE could do, and found that the Object Texture Coordinate (for controlling the coordinates with another object) does not work; it apparently uses the Generated coordinates, but they don’t change when transforming the selected object.


It’s indeed not supported yet. Not so much a bug but a feature that would be added later.


Awesome, glad to know it will be supported, thank you!! :smiley:

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I’m also glad to hear it will be supported!

We lately have been doing some 2d animation in Blender and what we realised is that it really could replace After Effects in many situations if there would be an easy way of masking objects. The object coordinate would help a lot there. Also it would be cool to maybe have a shader or object type which acts as alpha mask for defined objects.

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Any progress with that?


I’d follow this bug report for progress updates https://developer.blender.org/T58658 although it seems to have been closed and archived

Seems like it’s working already!! :smiley: Thanks, developers!

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It appears that it is working but it doesn’t update in the viewport, only at render time.

It updates in the viewport if you unplug and plug any connection in the shader editor.

Seems like it was fixed for the RC!! Now it’s updating interactively!

Edit: Apparently it was fixed the 10th of this month https://developer.blender.org/T57489