NVLink in Blender and Workstation advice

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i have to make decision to buy for my team new workstations (5x) we need for rendering in blender and research and development. we have to work together with a specific vendor only allowing certain gfx cards to use for their high end workstations.

i can give you more infos if needed but my main question would be if i should go for

a) 2 x RTX A5000 (with nvlink)

b) 1 x RTX A5000 + 1 x RTX A6000

As far as i know i can’t use nvlink when using not the same card models. RTX A6000 already got huge amount of VRAM (48GB) so i wonder if i need nvlink at all. 2 x A5000 with nvlink would have same VRAM as single A6000. Any other advantage nvlink would give me? What setup would you prefer? Btw. price should not be considered here.

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The scene needs to be loaded into both GPUs memory, so going with two different amounts of VRAM will restrict it to the lowest of the two (24GB in your case)

In other words:

a) twice the speed (of A5000) and twice the VRAM (cause NVLINK)

b) either

  • more then twice the speed of A5000 but limited to 24GB
  • the speed of 1 A6000 with 48GB of vram
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