NURBS cruve order 2

I have been messing around with NURBS curves. Is there a particular reason that NURBS have a minimum order of 2? (Order 2 is linear, behaves almost identical to poly line, interestingly, the order 2 NURBS is less smooth when an object follows the curve).

My worry for allowing order 2 NURBS curves is that people will be confused by the “curve” acting like a line. I, myself, was confused when I first discovered this. A better minimum might be 3, so that the curve retains some kind of curvature properties no matter what you do. In my case, I deleted all but one or two vertices, which demoted the curve to order 2.

Current behaviour: NURBS curves are demoted down to order 2 when vertices are deleted, however they are never incremented up when the number of vertices are increased. This makes sense, to avoid breaking math, while allowing any order of curve when modelling.

Basically, I want to know if there is a use case for order 2 NURBS curves, and adjust the minimum order of curves to 3 if it would make sense.

Not a developer, and my first post, but maybe I can shed some light.
Nurbs complexity is either defined as order or degree of the polynom.
Alias for example use degree, while Icem surf use order.
Very simplified, order is the number of cv’s required to make a single segment curve.
Degree is order minus 1 and is usually explained as stiffness of the curve.
For Blender to (hopefully eventually) get a more up-to date nurbs engine, all orders of complexity should be maintained, please…
There is nothing wrong with a completely straight and stiff nurbs curve. It is more useful than one may think, even if it may cause confusion.