Normal overlays accessible from the normal popup menu (alt +n)

The activation and deactivation of normals from the overlay menu is very inconvenient … so I thought about this small change on normal menu popup … for faster and easier access.


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This would be unprecedented, and also is not really technically possible, if it stays as a menu.

Normals popup is just this menu assigned to a shortcut:

There are other technical potential solutions like opening a temp panel, but in general we don’t do this anywhere - see the UV menu or other equivalents.

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OK, but in my opinion it is a bit of a waste …
because it would be so obvious and intuitive …
at least look for a more efficient solution, because currently on my laptop to manage the normals, here’s what I have to do …


That is untrue. It is technically possible, and tested with quick favorites (see screenshot image of quick favorites). It will however have a different ui for menu links.

The real question is does the community wanted
A) to move this to the normal menu?
B) to give viewport overlay its own shortcut to show the menu (keeping it the same workflow key clicks)?
C) none of the above?

Where is the voting system when we needed it…

I think he was referring to inserting icons and sliders in popup menus … I think it’s more a question of style coherence …
however, viva blender which is extremely customizable …
I am trying to put the options of the normals in my personal popup … just the time to go and grab the correct python code strings and I will add a row here in my display mesh :slight_smile: