[Node Wrangler Addon] Inconsistent Shortcut for Preview Node Output

In the shader node editor, to view the result of the selected node, you press CTRL+SHIFT+LMB
In the geometry node editor, you have to press the ALT+SHIFT+LMB

There is in fact a viewer node that pop-up if you press CTRL+SHIFT+LMB in the geo node editor, but it is only used to view in the spreadsheet the node.

For consistency, and ease of use, we should keep the CTRL+SHIFT+LMB that works without looking at the keyboard and with only one finger, for both the shader and geometry node editor.

To add the viewer node for the spreadsheet, we could use ALT+SHIFT+LMB, as we use less often this node in everyday workflow.

I post it as usability thread in this forum as I don’t know what should be the best way to tell my issue with this inconsistent shortcuts workflow. I don’t know who are the current developers of this add-on.
And I haven’t found easy ways to edit the shortcuts (the only shortcut I can edit about node wrangler is SHIFT+W)

I also think that as the maintainer of the add-on isn’t really present, we should find what are the main feature we could integrate in the core blender (like CTRL+SHIFT+LMB and ALT+LMB-DRAG-NODES, CTRL+SHIFT+LMB-DRAG-NODES) and what feature should be used as separated add-on (disable by default) that is maintained by community.

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