No way of showing keyframes for objects not visible in the editor

When an object is hidden in the editor there is no way to show the keyframes in the curve- oder timeline editor. If the editor visibility is keyed. It’s used for example if render-visibility is keyed and you need to keep track in the editor visually of what is currently visible and what isn’t.

  • Have objects where you want to animate visibility but also keep track about it in the editor.
  • as soon as an object’s visibility is set to disabled its keys also disappear in the timeline
  • this means you have to temporary unhide it to make any edits
  • if an invisibility in the editor keyframe hits in the timeline the keys also disappear immediately!!!
  • this also means that you need to keep track of auto-keing as temporary unhiding to see the keyframes might trigger an unwanted visibility keyframe as well

Don’t know if this constitutes as a papercut since it may be tied to how Blender treats invisible objects but it would be really benefitial if there ws some way to show all keys from objects selected in the outliner, even if hidden or invisible.


Yes I find this incredibly frustrating as a lot of the animation I do (stop motion style) relies heavily on things hiding and unhiding.
Its impossible to drag keys in the timeline as they will disappear if there is visibility keyed. Not good.
Is there a possibly way to show keys even when an object is hidden.

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I would like to know this also. Seeing from the dates of the previous posts it looks like there is no way at the moment. I find it quite puzzling that this behavior is there at all. Extremely confusing, annoying and infuriating. It almost caused me to not further learn blender. Almost…haha. I am glad animation has the institutes focus at the moment.

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I also think this behaivor is a little odd and makes it much harder for the animator than it needs to be.

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Hey, the solution to this is to go on the Dope Sheet and then click on the drop down menu and select ‘Action Editor’. This will give you all the key frames for items that are being toggled on and off in the view port/ camera.