No logout possible from

Hi friends,
Once i am logged in to i cannot log out anymore. It immediately redirects, and i am logged in again. The only solution so far is to delete the cookies of the page.
There is also a impressum missing. So no way to contact an administrator.
Could you please have a look at the issue?
Kind regards

Maybe @troubled can have a look at this?

Try logging out from and then from devtalk.

You can logout by clicking on your picture, preferences (icon with a person).
I tried on Firefox and worked as expected.

Example: image

Yes i know. Just, it does not log me out. It redirects me immediately, and i am logged in again. I have to delete the cookie to stay logged out. Opera, Chrome, Vivaldi :slight_smile:

Thanks friends. I will try now. EDIT, this method works! But i have to repeat it. First log out at, then log out at


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Perhaps @sybren or @fsiddi have some ideas on who might know about the Blender ID login cookies? We do have some integration with the ID login via a custom in house oauth plugin iirc, but I have no real deep knowledge of this addon other than it exists.

Glad to see you at least we able to log out!

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I think this is an issue on the devtalk side, which I have very little experience with. It’s right that if you are already logged in on Blender ID, and then you try to log in here, it automatically does that for you. However, it seems like a bug that this “when you try to log in” step happens automatically.

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