NLA track names are needlessly trimmed for short animations

The name label on NLA strips is trimmed to the length of the strip, making it difficult to read the names on short strips.
I often create 1-frame strips for character poses in game development, using the godot-blender-exporter.
It is difficult to tell which is which in the NLA strip.


I filed a bug at, but I was directed here instead since it isn’t a bug. To clarify a few things from my report:

  • 1-frame actions are useful for game development, where you will blend various poses in the editor (e.g. look up/down/left/right)
  • This problem is not exclusive to 1-frame action, it happens whenever you have an action whose length is short relative to the length of its name
  • It seems like you could let the name expand past the length of the NLA strip for readability without negatively impacting the UI

What do folks think? Is there a reason to trim the NLA name to the length of the strip?

In your case, you can simply zoom the viewport.

It is trimmed so as not to overlap the next one.

What’s wrong here is that it doesn’t cut well. (@Harleya :wink:)


Just cutting better at the boundary would make it worse in his (extreme) example of a 1-frame strip. Thinking that we might need a name-shortening function, similar to path-shortening, that removes from center. So “Longname012” goes to “Long…e012”, “Lo…12”, “L…2”, “L…”


Ah, I didn’t realize that you could have multiple actions in a single row, which is why the trimming didn’t make much sense to me.

Having the clip name draw better would be good, I am adding this to the NLA roadmap.

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