Ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed

Arch Linux

bler.txt (439.7 KB)

error while loading shared libraries:

aur/openimageio-git spi.Arn3.6.72.1.r1065.g6a368f469-1 [installed: spi.Arn3.6.72.1.r1077.gb187908e5-1] (0, 0.00)
A library for reading and writing images, including classes, utilities, and applications

looks like your local copy of oslc is linked against which cannot be found, not a whole lot we can do about that on the blender side beyond suggesting you build without osl support ( -DWITH_CYCLES_OSL=Off )

can you explain how it’s happened?

is this AUR maintainer issue?

I have no explanation, you’ll have to sort this out with whoever is responsible for the /usr/bin/oslc binary

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