New workspace for blender?


I am new to blender and this is my first post.
I had suggestion that might make Blender better.
Since I have used Autodesk Inventor and it is simple to make precision object and details.
If there will be CAD workspace in Blender, it might help make things by drawings.

Few days ago I made a classroom table that is shaped trapeze.
Point of this weird shape is to make many different bigger shapes and it works great.
I had drawings on paper and tried to make it by eye on Blender.
At first it looked like good, but when I wanted to add multiple tables together everything was off.
Earlier I used a weird workflow for that kind of things.
I made object in Autodesk Inventor or Fusion and exported as .stl file.
Then I imported .stl file to blender and used it there.

Blender has all the tools we need to model a object, but if we want to make precision object it becomes very difficult.
Great thing will be if we can use CAD workspace to model precision object and later use it modelling and assembly, animation etc.

If needed I can give list of tools what might be useful for that.

Best regads,

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