New icons for Blender 2.8x

Them seem ok to me. Perhaps the left one is slightly clearer?

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I like it too, but on the other hand, the right one has more distinguishable silhouette. I’m quite torn…

True. Ok right one then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bum! Updated icon set with some brand new goodies ready to upload here: LINK.

What about combining the two? Leave the lines on right side ,but replace the cube with the sphere.

The cube was chosen intentionally - its shape is similar to the silhouettes of Light Probe ObData icons.

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@jendrzych It would be great to see an icon for the Root falloff.


I updated the icon sheet with licencing info - check it out at the thread.

@jenkm - funny, but yesterday I was wondering why the Root and the Inverse Suare fallofs share the same icon. Will fix it soon.

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A trash bin icon for planned “purge/remove ID” function.

BTW - I still can’t upload an *.svg file here. @billrey, @pablovazquez - is there a hope for this to change? I believe that the original icon set should be posted here.


I’d like this forum to become a home of official releases. Linking to external storage is not a solution to this very problem.

It is now possible to upload SVG (thanks Dan!)

And yes it’d be great if you could post the official releases here.


I will agree some of those modifier icons need to be changed the ones in the mesh data area, they really can’t be sharing the same icon when they do different things, sure they did back in 2.7 but that should be a mistake that is aknoledged and corrected.

Moving the releases data from forum has ended.

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With this new icon sheet update, is it a good time to add them in? Or do you plan to do more updates over the next days?

Just one item, that I missed today (the Root fallof curve).

EDIT: done. The sheet gets massively crowded BTW. It’s gettin’ more and more hard to find sane spots for new items.

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Yes, I agree. The whole concept of using a single sheet is always going to be messy. It is practical in some ways, but also kind of a pain to keep organized, and also annoying if we only intend to update certain icons.

On the Mac at least, the standard is that icons are always separate image or vector files, stored inside the app bundle - not one big icon sheet.

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It would be much easier and faster to navigate if icons has different colors. Of course, by using blender a lot you can remember all the placements but depending on remembering where everything is is less ideal in a sense that you still can forget and then you start to find that specific icon etc. Colors are really good reminder and thus making the workflow friendlier, even more so if you are a new user.

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Hold Your horses sir! Let’s move the update a bit in time.
The Outliner’s visibility discussion (this task especially:, inspired me to revamp some of visibility restriction icons. There’s always something to improove.

Left column - what we have now.
The middle one and the one on the right - my proposals.
The right column is the most coherent in style IMHO.


Fantastic. Let’s go with your proposal. Looks good to me. I’ll wait a few more days with icon updates :slight_smile:

Center column my favorite