New file names for Blender Builds releases (Daily | Experimental, etc.)?

Am I address to the right person?

is there any practical decision to rename this
to this,
last build blender-2.93.0-beta+blender-v293-release.0456223cde98-windows.amd64-release?


Can we have some shorter version? Like blender-2.93.0-beta-0456223cde98-windows64

Previously I just download latest build and unpacked it to the folder, and it looks nice with old names.
But now I need to unpack and rename it, because in some cases long names is not good for OS.

And what is this text mean?

I thought 0456223cde98 it’s a hash text, that you can see when you fill bugreport, but not,
the hash for that build is rB0456223cde98.
Maybe it’s better to replace that text to the release date?
blender-2.93.0-beta-2021.05.20-windows64 like so?

it is not, 0456223cde98 is the hash, if you have a copy of the blender repository you can type git checkout 0456223cde98 and get this exact code, trying to checkout rB0456223cde98 will not work.

then what is this rB bit then? The bug tracking software on can work with more than one repository (we have quite a few of them), so knowing just the hash is not enough to identify a commit, you have to know the hash + the repository it is in. rB stands for the blender repository.

The hash uniquely identifies a build, replacing it with a date would be problematic the second we do more than one build a day (which does happen)