New datatypes in 3.2 documentation

With the new hair system and pointcloud being included in 3.2, it would be nice to see what kind of datatypes they represent in the documentation. Is this part still being discussed? It could help out with addons regarding workflows and similar matters.

The new curves object type is still experimental (disabled) in 3.2. I guess the point cloud is enabled in RNA though. It corresponds to these pages, is that what you meant?

There must be an error in the Point Cloud - Blender Manual page, there is a double attribute “radius”; one is described as color

what I mean is rather that in the manuial, I cannot seem to find hair and pointcloud at the wm operators page. Until it is enabled, I should keep an eye out on whether it’s added here correct?

Looks like that’s just not implemented yet. It looks relatively simple to add support for point clouds there, searching 'LIGHT_PROBE' in the source takes you there.